Challenges with Current Mobile Solutions

Platforms and devices?

The development and deployment for current application setups hinge strongly on the device and operating system being used. Due to this entire setup process is generally quite costly and difficult to manage.

Mobile strategy?

Current Enterprise mobile applications are specific to the supplier of the ERP/back-end system. These are generally designed to work with supplier specific ERP systems.


What is the Expectation?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD):

Technology is seamlessly integrated into everyday lives. For this reason, most individuals own multiple devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

It is inevitable that enterprise staff members will want to bring these gadgets into the workplace. Every application user is entitled to a consistent, user experience free of glitches and obstructions on each of their devices, irrespective of device being their own gadgets or provided by their employer.

Mobile strategy:

A sustainable, viable Mobile strategy requires scalability and flexibility, and the capacity to adapt in accordance with the ever-changing world. Multiple ERP/back-end systems pervade the business world and Mobile strategies require a common mobility platform to connect to all back-end systems.


SmartApp Innovation

SmartApp will propel the Mobile world to new heights through a variety of different avenues. This integrative application will spur the development of the most pervasive mobile device models of today’s world, including laptops, desktops, mobiles and tablets. It provides both Native applications and Web based solutions for use on these devices.


Have you grown weary with the process of developing applications for separate devices and OS systems? SmartApp has endowed the masses with a one-stop, fail proof solution to eliminating this common burden. With a centralized, application framework, separate development on different operating systems and devices is no longer necessary.

  • An easily accessible set of configuration data that is compatible with all OS and devices.
  • Parallel roll out of changes on all devices
  • Centralized control of rich list of features which can be turned on or off in concurrence with user requirements
  • Independent of back-end systems supplying integration with one or multiple back-end systems including..
  • – ERP solutions, example SAP® , Oracle® etc..
  • – Packages, example Finance solution, HR solutions
  • – In-house developed solutions
  • – Computer enabled Machines, Equipment or Instruments

SmartApp can serve as a strategic mobile platform for your organization:

  • Allows deployment of mobile solutions to any device or platform
  • Enables connection with multiple back-end systems, machines or packages. Say goodbye to ERP specific solutions for good!
  • Lightening-speed development and deployment
  • It will save you loads of money
  • Rich features and unparalleled functionality