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SAP Fiori Architecture

SAP, the German multinational software corporation, has enough to boast about. Making enterprise software for businesses to manage their operations and customer relations since decades, SAP has offices in over 130 countries and close to 3 lakh customers worldwide. While the company has been enjoying immense success in the areas of customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, product lifecycle management, supply chain management and supplier relationship management, the company is now looking to create a mark the smartphone and tablet industry by venturing into the application development market.

SAP Fiori Architecture

SAP Fiori is a platform that offers easy designing and porting of applications. Based on SAP’s NetWeaver technology, SAP Fiori enables the use of applications on various devices like computers, smartphones and tablets. With all of SAP’s products focusing on improving employee productivity and satisfaction, SAP is making sure it achieves the same motive with the SAP Fiori platform. Customers can leverage their existing SAP investments and provide instant value for all their business employees.

Ensures Employee Satisfaction

The SAP Fiori architecture offers a new and improved user experience for existing SAP software. By applying modern design principles, the SAP Fiori platform offers a completely transformational user experience. It represents a customized, responsive and easy-to-use user experience across devices and deployment options. When combined with the powerful SAP HANA platform, SAP Fiori architecture delivers unimaginable responsiveness. The real-time user experience that SAP Fiori platform offers enables users to enjoy a personalized and role-based experience across different lines of business.

Impeccable Design Options

SAP Fiori platform utilizes some stunning design guidelines, providing businesses with a wide range of relevant templates, patterns and controls. Using these templates, app designers can create simple yet attractive apps to suit the needs of a wide audience:

  • Create stunning apps using the basic SAP Fiori design principles.
  • Choose from a range of different grid layouts .
  • Ensure responsive and adaptive apps across devices and operating systems.
  • Choose the best form factor that meets the need: compact or cozy.
  • Understand and make the most of the navigation concepts.
  • Create apps using different screen layouts depending on the requirement: full screen or split screen.
  • Get insight into the various floor plans.
  • Take a tour of the basic app pattern types: approval app, master-detail app and shopping app.
  • Explore the various UI elements to build a user-friendly and attractive app.
  • Choose the perfect design stencil and the ideal font and design a personalized SAP Fiori platform app.
  • Post design ideas and ask design related queries to other members through the discussion forum.

Easy to Use Stencils

The SAP Fiori platform offers app designers a plethora of SAP icon fonts and design stencils that make creating and building apps a fun and exciting task. With the ready-to-use stencils, app designers can explore various layouts, patterns and controls and visualize the SAP Fiori app ideas in a realistic way. Using the Axure prototyping tool, designers can create different kinds of wire-frames with dynamic interactions and choose the best possible design for their app without having to do any coding. Designers can get adaptive views of their design mockups and build design elements in a quick and easy manner.

25 Fiori Apps that Revolutionized the Business Landscape

The SAP Fiori architecture was first launched in 2013, and was introduced into the market with a first wave of 25 apps. Important business tasks that were earlier done through an enterprise system are now being offered in the form of apps on smartphones and tablets.

  • With increased focus on the employee, manager, sales rep and purchasing agent, SAP Fiori architecture enables quicker decision making and instant approvals, leading to enhanced user satisfaction.
  • It allows users to work seamlessly across a plethora of devices and is available for is available across iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms.

Technical Components

SAP Fiori platform offers consumer-grade productivity apps for employees across organizations. Each SAP Fiori app consist of a UI component and an integration component. The UI component supports the application whereas the integration component provides the underlying SAP NetWeaver Gateway service. The SAP Fiori architecture performs the following activities:

  • Serves the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Services.
  • Assists the SAP UI application.
  • Validates the user.
  • Provides internal and external access.
  • Helps users discover several SAP Fiori apps.

Making the Most of the Apps

While the SAP Fiori architecture offers access to a plethora of ground-breaking apps through the unique platform, it is essential for users to discover the apps to make the most of them. By creatively promoting the apps and the various things that they can achieve, businesses can ensure widespread user adoption. Businesses can start by adding the Fiori home page to their Intranet, offer direct links to the apps through an online catalogue, or even push relevant apps to user devices through a mobile device management solution.

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