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SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is the new UX launched for SAP software. Applying modern design principles it ensured completely new and optimized user experience. The new UX is more personalized, responsive and user-friendly for a variety of devices and options of deployment. The user can get unmatched responsive results when it is deployed in combination with powerful SAP HANA platform. Various SAP solutions like SAP business suite apps used this new UX to deliver optimum personalization and custom role-specific user experience ensuring far better engagement across enterprise verticals. Usefulness of multiple devices, fluid ease of use and lively interactions make SAP Fiori a truly paradigm-shifting UX for advanced enterprise apps. Thanks to SAP Fiori real-time user experience is no longer out of reach for SAP users. Here are the quick takeaways of this new UX.

  • SAP Fiori UX is developed by core design team of SAP is a great example of design-led software development to optimize user engagement and interaction.
  • After its launch in 2013, the new UX has continued to expand in both purposefulness and scope and became a mission-critical component new Hana release from SAP.
  • As per Gartner, SAP Fiori UX is invincible for all future SAP deployment.
  • Though SAP Fiori UX is still not mandatory for users, for SAP customers planning future with SAP Fiori UX has become a necessity to drive engagement.

The Motivation Behind the Move

What motivated SAP to come with this new UX? SAP GUI in compared to GUI of its minor competitors offers an interface devoid of many user-friendly design elements. Just because people are showing no reluctance in buying SAP, the company cannot overlook the need of providing a more user-optimized interface and design. That is precisely the motivation behind the launch of SAP Fiori. Though seasoned users of SAP may be less critical of the GUI issues, it cannot be the same with young users who have developed a taste and habit of using interactive GUI than their veteran counterparts. Somehow, SAP had to incorporate design thinking in their new GUI and the new UX is the result of it.

What Makes SAP Fiori Lovable?

At a time when every other interface is continuing to be more engaging and interactive, a leading enterprise solution like SAP cannot lag behind. Naturally, they gave the new UX a complete makeover with an array of design elements. The design focus came from an altogether different strategy and it incorporated all major design principles of our time. Let us see why it has been so loved by users ever since its release.

1) SAP Fiori UX is a Strategic Move Towards Design Thinking

SAP Fiori UX is different from most other earlier UX efforts taken by SAP. It is precise because Fiori is not another enterprise software product, but rather a move to incorporate design thinking to deliver more user-optimized and interactive user experience.

  • SAP Fiori should be viewed with the backdrop of design focused initiative taken by the company to enhance usefulness and engagement with any SAP product.
  • It has been added to the arsenal to add value to the experience of the entire SAP ERP system instead of launching as a separate product option.

2) SAP Fiori Makes Enterprise IT Solution Simple and Effective

Simplicity is the core operative aspect across all elements of SAP Fiori. SAP Fiori ensures simple, user-friendly and interactive experience without causing any disruption in the existing IT systems. It has been made to make enterprise IT solutions simple and effective.

  • Your backend applications can be exposed to the new ecosystem of devices and platforms by using Netweaver gateway and UI5 with it.
  • This saves your investment in heavy IT infrastructure for getting wider exposure to new device ecosystem.

3) SAP Fiori offers Faster Deployment with Lightweight Design

Enterprise solutions thanks to SAP Fiori can enjoy fast-paced deployment because of its lightweight design. This lightweight solution can support initiatives for mobile platforms without taking much deployment time.

  • It offers great alternatives to other platform-specific solutions that can take long deployment time.
  • With fast-paced deployment it makes an enterprise IT agile and responsive to new requirements.

4) SAP Fiori GUI Delivers an Easy to use Experience

Enterprise users are increasingly being bent on solutions that make IT jobs easier, effective and least time consuming. Adoption of new technologies in many businesses is inspired by this need.

  • Fiori is created with creative focus and with design principles that focus on user situation and ease.
  • SAP Fiori provides a UX that can be compared with very popular consumer apps. For persona based tasks the design offers single point entry. The self-service UX is intuitively built completing any task extremely easier.
  • With intuitive UX taking care of many inputs and flow aspects it saves a lot of time for simple tasks and training costs.
  • The ease of use pushes the adoption of new technologies in enterprises.

5) SAP Fiori runs on across the Devices Including Mobile

SAP Fiori has particularly been developed to address the increasing adoption of mobile technologies and integration of the same in enterprise IT. The interactive and engaging real time capability of this new UX can deliver responsive and coherent experience across diverse devices including mobile.

  • SAP Fiori offers one of the value added, quickest, cost effective and smartest ways for enterprises to adapt to mobility.
  • Thanks to SAP Fiori deployment and integration of mobility into enterprise IT can be lot easier and this, in turn, would help to abolish location and device barriers boosting workplace productivity.
  • With SAP Fiori in your enterprise, IT help business transactions on mobile easier. This would initiate a truly anytime, anywhere business environment.

To conclude with, SAP Fiori has continued to evolve since the initial launch in the middle of 2013 playing obviously a bigger role in the SAP’s strategy for new age enterprise IT solutions. Beginning with just 24 apps now the new UX has encompassed more than 500 apps. Besides the so called number of apps that came with the integration of this UX, new enterprise grade solutions continued to evolve with this design focused UX.

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