Implementation Services:

– Discover all of the indispensable benefits that will suit your organizational needs.
– Understand how enterprise mobility can help your business grow, by achieving the ideal balance between costs and the expected ROI
– Discuss the impact of modifying your business structure, from downsizing your office space to increasing your employees’ productivity
– Cloud account setup and integration, allowing you store data in a virtual environment, resulting in significant cost saving in onsite hardware deployment and no on-going maintenance.

– Requirement gathering, design and deployment

– Implementation and configuration of ‘SmartApp’
– Integration of ‘SmartApp’ solution with enterprise existing systems (back-end systems)
– Go-live and warranty support

Product Support Services

–  Standard support on weekdays (8AM to 6PM, UK time)
– 24×7 support for critical issues
– Assistance with product issues, questions, feature requests, and how-tos
– Membership for product downloads, documentation and FAQ
– Online knowledge base and articles
– Strict adherence to product SLAs
– Access to subject matter experts and developers with experience in technologies
– Support interface monitoring and issue resolution for back-end connections

 Training and Knowledge Transfer services