Shopping cart Demo , Shopping cart create demo
Create/Approve ‘Shopping cart’ Via Smart Bot : Enable shoppers to create shopping carts by a simple chat, approver to approve by a simple chat. This is done by using Skype / Skype for Business.

Supplier Invoice Status Check, by a calling BOT Phone
Enable suppliers to call on a phone number and check Invoice / Payment Status. A very simple and effective way to make your suppliers self-sufficient, which results in significant cost saving.

Execute P2P (Purchase to Pay) process via Chatbot
This is a demo of the end2end P2P process using ‘Skype’ / ‘Skype for Business’ chatbot. Suppliers, Shoppers, and Accounts Payable team collaborates on Skype to perform P2P transactions like view new orders, shipping of goods, goods receipt, invoicing, track payment, etc. A new, unique, simple and cost-effective way to collaborate between different P2P roles.

Supplier & Buyer Collaboration
This video demonstrates how easily buy66ers and suppliers can collaborate using chatbots to remove inefficiencies and communication blocker. In this video, we have used an example where the supplier has received a new order which has incomplete details and supplier can’t process it. Later using chatbot supplier is able to get the required missing details and able to process the order.