Smart AI and chatbot assistant

Our Smart BOT Assistant will serve Enterprise partners (Employees, Customers and Suppliers) and Citizens, as an assistant where it will be able respond to different queries ranging from employee leave application, shopping cart, item stock check, expenses, to Invoice or payment status or query from supplier, to check order/delivery status for customers.

For Citizens it will be able to find appointments for their favourite service providers, Citizens will be able to report their issues to local government and much more…

Smart City Apps

Smart BOT has integration with Supplier/Customers contact person’s Facebook messenger or Skype account. These contact persons will be able to access application data with FB/Skype login authentication,

This way Suppliers and Customers don’t need to bother about portal URL or passwords, as the enterprise BOT is added as a friend to supplier messenger it makes their life very easy and they will be able to get key information in matter of few seconds.

Report Issues and Problems

Supplier Support Assistant BOT

Suppliers can use “Supplier Support Assistant BOT” to check new orders, check payment status of invoice, request urgent payments, create a new invoice, update their contact details and much more..

Supplier BOT can be used by Suppliers

  • Purchase Order Progress and Tracking
  • Invoice & Payment Tracking
  • Ask queries and provide order updates
Request Service and Goods

Employee Support Assistant BOT

Employees can use “Employee Support Assistant BOT” to perform their day to day tasks. Along with this BOT can support Employee On-boarding process like request Laptop, request access card, network login, software request etc..

Some of the task can be

  • Book Car parking
  • Record Attendance
  • Request Access to Office Building
  • Create/Track Time Sheet
Application Registrations

Citizen and Government Support Assistant BOT

Citizens can use “Citizen Support Assistant BOT” to communicate with local government / councils.

Local Government / Council officials will update progress of issues, problems, requests using cloud application or by their own BOT “Government Support Assistant”.

Few examples where Citizen and Government Support Assistant BOT works

  • Request/Register Birth Certificate
  • Request/Register Death Certificate
  • Request/Register Marriage Registration Certificate
  • Order Bulky collection
  • Order new bins & boxes
  • Report Play Area Problem
  • Report Pest Problem
  • Report Nuisance or Stray (dogs or other animals)