Smart Business Solution

Never before have had businesses had the opportunity to interact so closely with their employees. The rise in use of smartphones and tablets, along with improvements in mobile technologies, are creating new ways for businesses to empower their workforce.

Smart Business Apps

As you consider the growing variety of different offerings in the mobility area that allow you to leverage mobile apps to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your workforce and collaboration with partners, it is important to select right and productive solution. The points need to be considered when selecting a mobility solution / service providers are;

  • Are the apps either entirely device specific, or deployable on a wide variety of devices and operating systems?
  • If apps supports variety of devices and operating systems then is the functionality consistent in all the devices and operating systems
  • How can the mobile apps and their functionality be integrated with your back-end systems (ERP, Finance, etc.), and how easy is it to do so?
  • Is it possible to add features and functionality to your solution without having to deploy extensive upgrades ?
  • If you do future upgrade your solution, will your configured apps be part of the upgrade and continue to work after the upgrade?

SmartApp from Smart Phone Biz Apps can provide the perfect answer to all the above questions, allowing you to deploy a new functionality fast, easy and with minimal efforts.

Report Issues and Problems

Supplier portal

  • Suppliers can receive their orders on their mobile devices; they can confirm the orders and
    provide the details when the goods will be dispatched.
  • Suppliers can also record PO and non PO based invoices from their mobile devices.
  • By Invoice discount functionality suppliers will get immediate payment in return of some additional discount from the supplier
  • Invoice approvals for blocked invoices due to differences
  • Supplier Quotations
Request Service and Goods

Employee Portal

  • Employees can record Expenses, Travel Request, Shopping Carts, Time Sheet, Attendance,
  • Leave Applications, Goods Receipts etc. All this using their mobile devices on the go!
  • Managers can perform the approvals
  • Employee development, 360 feedback, employee goals, training requests etc
  • New Employee on-boarding i.e Access to building, request laptop, request software etc.
  • Job listing and Interview feedback process
Application Registrations

Project Management Tools

  • RAID Log, Task/Actions tracking
Tree Management Smart City Solution

Asset Management

  • IT Assets Tracking
  • Fleet Tracking