Smart City Solution

Partnership between citizens and local Government is requisite of a safer, better, and healthier society. Transparency in communication, resolution of continues betterment plays crucial part in creating a community strong. With the help of technology, we are adhering to provide the advance solution to keep communication easy and actions faster.

Smart City Apps

Smart city solution provides solution for citizens:

  • Report citizen complaint,
  • Request good or Service,
  • Register citizens changes (birth, death, marriages etc)
  • Track the complaint / Request / Registration,
  • Application for internal use by local authorities.

Our solution facilitates the easy information sharing for safer and better living. With our 100s of ready to use applications or build Fully customizable apps as per the requirement.

Report Issues and Problems

Report Issues and Problems

This application suit can be used by citizens to report their problems and issue to local authorities. However local authorities can use this application suit to connect and communicate with their citizens.

Citizens can register their complaint by reporting incidents such as Anti-Social behaviour, Graffiti and Fly-Posting, to Local Authorities. Subsequently local authorities can act on such complaints and provide regular update to the citizens.

Citizens can track the incident any time anywhere and use this app as a communication channel to communicate with local authorities for specific issue. All the communication will have an audit trail from future references.

Application provides citizen almost real time information and transparency which enables trust between citizen and local authority.

As a supporting information Citizens can also Attach images related to the Incident and application can also record the location where the incident took place. This will help local authority to act faster and provide required evidences for future actions.

Other similar examples where citizens can report complaints are:

  • Report missing collection of Bin,
  • Reporting Faulty street light,
  • Report of Street dogs,
  • Report Noise or Pollution Complaint,
  • Report Planning Breach

and many more scenarios where citizens can report issues and incidents to local govt to Build a safer Community.

Request Service and Goods

Request Service and Goods

This Application can be used by citizens to request a service or goods to their local authorities.

citizens can use this app to purchase/request, goods/services from their local authorities, such as local authorities to collect full/overflowing bins, request new bins etc…

The application allows citizens to provide details about the collection points, address, preferred day/time for delivery/collection etc.. and other details which will make easier for
authorities to prompt the collection of bin or delivery of new bin.

Local authority confirms the request by providing details of when the collection/delivery will happen. Citizens can track their requests. This app acts as a communication channel between citizens and local authorities.

Few other application examples are:

  • House Name Registration,
  • Request for Commencement of Work,
  • FOI Request (Freedom of information) and many more.
Application Registrations

Registration Applications

These applications are for mainly for Citizens to inform local authorities about births / deaths and marriage / divorce

Citizens can use registration applications to inform local authorities about new births, about somebody’s death, or about a planned wedding / divorce.

Citizen can communicate with local authorities to know how to perform birth registration / death registration / marriage registration or what is required after divorce.

Once registration is done local authorities can provide the registration certificate to the citizens via this app/portal.

Additionally on the behalf of citizen Hospital can register the child birth directly to local govt, similarly funeral home can inform about somebody’s death and Wedding Venues / Marriage court can confirm for the marriage details.

Few other applications examples are:

  • Registration for citizenship
  • Registration for ID card (National Insurance number, social security number, PAN card etc..)

And many more..

Tree Management Smart City Solution

Apart from above bundle of applications We
have applications from internal use of Local Govt such as – Tree management

This application can be used for internal local authorities.

Using these applications, Tree inspector in the Local govt can maintain the records of trees which are in the area under the local government, regular tree health check-ups and surgery can be maintained as works records, citizens can record complaints if they find any tree in un-healthy state, which may be a danger/hazard for public if it falls down, there are many more possibilities of bespoke local government specific solutions, which can be delivered without any development work.

Additionally local governments can also use common business apps like HR apps (Leave management, travel management etc..). There are infinite possibilities.