Smart Education Solution

Education is a human right, education is a key driver for social, and economic development of humans.

“Smart Education Solution” empowers teachers, students and parents with an innovative toolset which helps in greater student engagement to an expansion of the learning environment beyond normal school hours and location, it provides flexibility and supports collaboration approach between students, teachers and parents.

Smart Education Solution

From bus timetable to creating lesson plans and keeping attendance, to exam schedule, behaviour records and communicating with parents/students outside the classroom, our apps let teachers and school / college administration to harness every opportunity.

“Smart Education Solution” has 100s of prebuilt application to use by parents, students and teacher at any time anywhere.

Additionally, you can set up tailor made apps according to your need. Few selective examples are mentioned as below.

Student Registration Smart Bizz Apps

Student Registration

App can be used by Schools, colleges, coaching, tuitions and Universities

Application can be used for enrolment on new students. Enrolment can be done by school or college administration. Some of the details can be directly maintained by students themselves like student phone numbers, home address etc during the course of the education term. Teaching staff can allocate class, section etc and maintain progress history against the student record.

View Time Table Smart Bizz Apps

Time Table

App can be used by Schools, colleges, coaching, tuitions and Universities

Time table application can be used in multiple ways, like:

  • Class period Vs Subjects wise time table
  • Exam Time table
  • Holiday calendar
  • School Bus time table
  • School events calendar

School/College administration can maintain the time table, Student and Parents can access the time table from anywhere, anytime. Application can send reminders closer to the important events or exams.

Homework Assignment Apps

Homework Assignment

App can be used by Schools, coaching and tuitions

Teachers/Schools can publish class and subject wise homework, students and parents can track the homework anytime, anywhere and on any device. Schools/Parents can utilize reporting tools to see student’s consistency in submitting their homework. Application can send reminders closer to the due date of an important project work or large homework.

Check Seat Avalaibility

Seat availability

App can be used by Schools, colleges, coaching, tuitions and Universities

This application serves Universities, schools, colleges and coaching institutes to indicate number of seats available for the program(s) or courses being offered. Prospective students can use this information to select their school, college or course choices.

Check Merit List

Merit List

App can be used by Schools, colleges and Universities

This application serves schools, colleges to publish entrance exam results or other competitive exams. Applicants can track the results and merit ranking anywhere, anytime.