Smart Queue Solution

In today’s busy world time has become money and clients/citizens don’t want to spent hours in queues for few minute appointment. In the era of Digitalisation things move fast so why not cut the anxiety of waiting and enjoy greater customer retention through “Smart Queue and Booking Management Solution” which we named ‘Amazbooking’

Smart Queue Solution

Smart Queue Solution provides virtual queue management to replace the physical presence. It benefits both the customers and business

Amazbooking will like to provide you a single platform to purchase, track all your services ranging from Doctor’s appointment, Hair and Beauty salon, Electrician or Plumber for home emergency… just you name it…

Report Issues and Problems

For Customers

With Amazbooking customer can book appointment as per suitable time, cancel, re-arrange or track/view the online status of appointment, they can plan their journey to the service provider based on status of previous appointments. This will eliminate the physical queuing by the clients.few other benefits to customers are as bellow:-

  • Efficient Manner
  • Will Provide More Options And Alternatives
  • One Single Place To Track All Appointments
  • Better Quality And Competitive Prices
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For Service Provider

As service provider you can share your calendar on social media, whatsapp or on your website. Your clients can flag you as their one of the favourite service provider. You can send personalized offer for your customers/clients. By listing with Amazbooking service provider can avail bellow benefits

  • Save Time And Focus On What You Do Best with appointment booking and coordination by online booking directly by your customer, you can focus on delivering best service.
  • Measure Performance by using Our reporting tools which can be used to track productivity, sales, revenue, client retention, appointment cancellation, no-shows and more with visual/graphical reporting.
  • Marketing Your Business For You as Amazbooking App on Web, Android and iOS, puts your business in front of locals/citizens who are actively looking for services like yours. And once they’ve found you, they can save your business as their Favourite making it simple for them to come back again and again.
  • Promote Your Business on service provider portal .You will be able to publish your offers, sales and discount details on regular basis which are visible on your profile page to all your existing and prospective customers. To promote your business share your profile page on different social media sites like facebook, whatsApp, twitter.. If you don’t have your own website then this profile page can be published as your company’s website. Infinite possibilities to increase your online presence.
  • HeadsUp! Remind clients for upcoming appointments, this will help in reducing no-shows appointments. These reminders can be sent as an email or as a SMS.
  • Automatic notifications for the service providers and the client
    When a new appointments is created
    When an appointment is Changed
    Notification can be received as an email or SMS, this way you are immediately notified when a new appointment is created or client cancels an appointment.